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Preparación, Salud y Seguridad

Asistencia en Desastres | Servicios Militares | Preparación, Salud y Seguridad

Next of Kin Registry Assists both Local and State Emergency Agencies

The Next of Kin Registry (NOKR) was established as a free tool for daily
emergencies and national disasters. The Emergency Management and
Response-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EMR-ISAC) learned that this free proactive service stores emergency contacts, next of kin, and vital medical information, which could be useful to emergency response agencies and their family members.

NOKR's system has proven effective for missing, unconscious injured or
deceased community members. Next of kin can be immediately contacted if seniors suffering from Alzheimer's are found carrying a registration
card. The system has been utilized for national disasters including the
2009 Washington State Flooding, 2008 California Wildfires, 2008
Hurricane Disasters, and the 2008 Iowa Flooding Disasters. 92% of all
state websites list NOKR as a resource for the public and emergency

Stored information is accessible only by Emergency Services Sector (ESS) agencies that have registered with NOKR at, where system information
and directions for the ESS can be found. The general public can click
on to obtain more information about NOKR or apply for its service. NOKR has available an optional registration card that indicates the person is registered with them.


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